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golden honey ale

5% ABV • 22 IBUs

An easy drinking Golden Ale with moderate bitterness which is brewed using local raw honey from Fredrich’s Honey Farm in Cedar. The Honey is added prior to fermentation so leaves no residual sweetness. Just the delicate flavours and aromatics of the honey complimented by the rich flavours from the ‘Golden Promise’ Barley and the Cascade hops.

650 ml SKU 780718 • 20L SKU 47043 • 50L SKU 815860

india pale ale (ipa)

6% ABV • 48 IBUs

A light, non-aggressive IPA packed with Citrus and fruit flavours. Dry hopped with pure Lupolin from Citra hops. This IPA is designed to give a flourish of bitterness that slowly dissipates without destroying your palate allowing the flavours to shine through and linger.

650 ml SKU 153734 • 20L SKU 355685 • 50L SKU 582445

german-style pilsner

5.4% ABV • 19 IBUs

A Clean, classic German-Style Pilsner brewed using one of the most rare and exquisite German barleys, ‘Barke Pilsner Malt’ - with its wonderful lightly toasted flavours held up by a delicate bitterness from ‘Spalt Select’ a clean savoury German noble hop.

650 ml SKU 850826 • 20L SKU 755579 • 50L SKU 460287

black & tan

5.5% ABV • 28 IBUs

A traditional British blend of dark and light, Featuring a skilfully blended combination of our Golden Honey Ale and Dark Malt Porter giving you the best of both worlds; an easy drinking, medium bodied and balanced ale offering a wonderfully complex flavour profile from seven different malt varieties and Raw local honey.

650 ml SKU 153791 • 20L SKU 398925 • 50L SKU 660084

dark malt porter

6% ABV • 34 IBUs

A robust Porter with notes of Chocolate and Espresso. Rich, creamy and decadent with a subtle dry finish. A beer that pairs equally as well with roasted meat and rich chocolate torte.

650 ml SKU 153742 • 20L SKU 543256• 50L SKU 879767

wee-heavy scotch ale

7.4% ABV • 34 IBUs

A dark copper ale traditionally brewed in the ‘Wee-Heavy’ style with six different malts. Naturally caramelized in our direct fire kettle.

650 ml SKU 303123 • 20L SKU 658369 • 50L SKU 737130


Coming this Summer

Limited Release


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sour howler

3.6% ABV • 7 IBUs

This refreshingly tart beer is perfect for the summer. A traditional German sour wheat ale dating back to 16th century Berlin. Made with high quality ingredients and fermented with fresh raspberries. The Sour Howler is sure to become a summer favorite.

650 ml SKU 147921 • 20L SKU 159299 • 50L SKU 147924

Trident ESB 

5.6% ABV • 37 IBUs

A silky smooth balanced English Bitter brewed with Barley, Wheat and Oats giving a big mouthfeel with malt, toast and biscuit all at the fore. A generous dose of English Fuggles hops providing the bitter backbone in this drinkable and refreshing English ale.

Dirty Harry California Common

4.8% ABV • 35 IBUs

An Old style amber ale born in San Francisco before the advent of refrigeration. Made with lager

yeast that is allowed to ferment at warmer ale like temperatures throwing some delicate fruitiness

into this toasty, malty beer. Light Herbal notes and

addition of Northern Brewer Hops.